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For the last 20 years, the IRFSS of Poitou-Charentes has encouraged their students to travel in order to develop unique projects in other countries, to discover and to learn from new cultures and healthcare systems.

This opportunity can be acquired through the Erasmus program, or by work experience overseas.

“Differences are the fantastic things that we all have in common” Nelly Biche de Bière.

  • Erasmus
    code : FR ANGOULE14

In 2012, the IRFSS gained accreditation from Erasmus that would allow the IRFSS to take part in their European activities.

As per the terms of the agreement with the partner institutions, students will be able to obtain Erasmus funding and potentially additional funding from the Conseil Régional.

Completing work experience overseas can be a very rewarding opportunity with regards to:

-          Learning or improving foreign language abilities.

-          Developing experience of new ideas in different environment.

-          Expanding one’s knowledge.

-          Expanding one’s professional horizons.

The students are placed directly into their corresponding IRFSS branch with foreign partners (preparatory colleges, universities, associations and organisations).

This partnership can be developed by preparatory visits:

Short visits by invitation from a representative of the partner university where both parties can prepare to work together.

A designated person is available in every organisation so as to advise and provide support to any student wishing to use this program, so as to welcome and accompany the student from abroad.


  • Ø International support work placements.

For the last 20 years, the IRFSS has developed a stable network of partnerships in nearly 30 countries, allowing more than 15 students to experience an overseas work placement.

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These internships are essentially designed for third year IFSI students and last for 10 weeks, allowing them to benefit from the reflective opportunity to consider the elaborative notions of altruism and multiculturalism and to gain experience of multicultural activities and work places wherever they maybe.

-          The opportunity to reflect on understanding, practices, conduct.

-          Developing understanding and researching of deeper understanding.

-          Fruitful exchange of ideas with experienced professionals in a developmental environment.

-          Accompany the students in the foundation and growth of local and regional programs.

-          Participate in educational, developmental and supporting activities.

-          Work on the humanisation of healthcare, improve their abilities.

-          Take into account the anthropological representations and aspects of patient care, participate in research.


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